Monday, September 12, 2011

Survey Scout

Survey Scout
There are a lot of claims on the internet about taking surveys to make some extra money.
You may have even come across an ad promoting a paid survey site directory. A paid survey site directory is a site that you pay some money to become a member of. In exchange, they give you a list of survey companies who will offer you cash and prizes for taking their surveys.
A very popular paid survey directory is Survey Scout. You may wonder if it’s worthwhile whether to buy this membership or not. This review will answer that question for you.
One of the things you have to consider is whether the cost of Survey Scout is worth it. It is true you can find some legitimate survey companies online for free. You have to ask yourself if you really want to waste the time sorting through all of the free sites. The more time you waste looking through the free sites, the less time you’ll have to spend taking surveys.
Once you purchase your membership to Survey scout and login the navigation is pretty user friendly. That’s a good thing. The bonus section is okay, but there is nothing there of high value. Your mileage on the bonuses may vary.
The actual Survey Scout database is impressive. At the time of this review there were about 30+ companies listed per page and 6 pages. They are broken down by country and some are state specific. Survey Scout will tell you whether the survey company offers cash, prizes, or cash and prizes.
This is really a rather straight forward type of product. They tell you that you will get access to hundreds of survey companies. They deliver on that promise. You click the link and you are taken directly to the survey company site. You have to fill out information there. When they have surveys available that are in your specific demographics they’ll email you notification.
Is the membership worth $34.95? Yes, it is. The time, effort, and aggravation of searching out survey companies on free sites makes buying a membership to Survey Scout pretty much a no-brainer.
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