Monday, September 12, 2011

Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys
Taking surveys can be a great way to earn some extra money.
One of the most popular online paid survey directories is a site Make Money Taking Purchasing the product was a little irksome. They try an up-sell 3 times. If you would like to purchase any of the up-sells they offer, feel free. However, the purpose of this was to get to the actual site so a review could be written.
Once you get through all the up-sells there is a form that you will be asked to fill in. It is a form that is pretty common for surveys. It asks for such items as your name, your address, your phone, your occupation, your age, and income. You can’t be shy about giving out this kind of information if you expect to be making money by filling out surveys for companies.
Once you do that you then will be given your username and password. When you login the navigation is fairly straight forward and simple. The bonus section includes a photo wealth system and a write at home system. There are some other bonuses as well. They are listed in the sales page.
Honestly, the bonuses aren’t really very complimentary to this product. If you’re looking for a way to make extra money, they’re okay. However, it really is best if you just concentrate on making some money with the surveys. What it boils down to is don’t buy it just for the bonuses.
Make Money Taking charges $34 with a half off coupon. Is the price worth it? Yes, it is. When you get to the paid survey section of your member’s area they have at the time of writing this review there are 4 pages and about 30 survey companies per page. The companies are listed by geographic location. US, UK, etc…Some are even state specific. It also tells you whether your compensation will cash, prizes or cash and prizes.
The little amount of money spent to get to the paid survey section of Make Money Taking is worth the cost. If you’re serious about doing surveys for extra money then you don’t want to waste your time chasing sources down. This will allow you to start getting surveys almost immediately.
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